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Huddle Up!
By : Craig Brown
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Views : 2013
Paul "Digger" Randle burst onto our screens in late March and early April with a virtuoso performance on the quiz show, 1 vs 100, winning the most amount of money (to that date) on the Eddie McGuire hosted show. Not only that, but he also won over the host, as well as 3AW's talk back king, Neil Mitchell, and also made an appearance on The Footy Show. Since then, he's been the centre of some good natured ribbing from his friends about him being a "celebrity". But before - and after - 1 vs 100, Digger was at the centre of a church community on the Mornington Peninsula (Vic) called "the Huddle". The AC caught up with him to talk about that, and throw in the odd comment about possible appearances on Dancing With The Stars.

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Rohan & Cindy Waters
Digger has been thinking through some of the challenges of doing church from this focus for several years and has some great insights into missional church - that come out of actual experience. He keeps up a thought provoking blog. I encourage you to check it out.

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