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E-Mails to the Editor: Indigenous Ministry - Time For Action
By : Alan Matheson
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Dear Editor Another month, and two more reports on the devastating experiences of many in Aboriginal communities (Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage, and Little Children are Sacred). The brutal abuse of children by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men has led to a national emergency being declared by the government. Disturbingly, the issue of abuse is nothing new. Professor Judy Atkinson, an Aboriginal academic, and herself raped as a child by her local pastor, first began campaigning in 1991! Certainly governments have responsibilities but we also are accountable. Churches of Christ have a long history of involvement and ministry with Aboriginal communities across Australia. Our national agency, ACCIM, continues it's struggle with declining congregational support and encouragement. All of us, as individuals, congregations, and our state conferences and their agencies, need to be involved if there is to be any hope for Aboriginal communities. All of us share in this responsibility to stand with our indigenous neighbours.

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Blythe Mann
As I said in response to an article by the same name:- Does Anybody Really Care About Australia's Indigenous?

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