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Discipleship: More Caught Than Taught!
By : Steve Turner (Qld Forge Director)
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I recently had the privilege of speaking at our daughter's 18th birthday party and reflected on some of the significant memories that have shaped her life. Growing up with us, living in and managing discipling communities, probably shaped our children’s lives more than we considered at the time, developing a love for the strugglers in the world and those who society might look down on or pass by. She made friends easily among the Aboriginal community we connected with whilst living in Bourke, often playing with kids in the street or sitting with the old women while we shopped.

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Comments / Feedback
Jason Potter
Hi Steve, I think discipleship is taught and caught. Teaching happens in all kinds of forums, Jesus taught the disciples as he discipled them.

In a way that almost lines up with our modern concept of vocational education which says that when you immerse a person in an appropriate environment or workplace, learning results through guided experience which is then debriefed and processed. Something that Jesus did exceptionally well, and from what you are alluding to here you have also done well with your family.

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