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The Kingdom Of God: Now And Forever
By : Linda Young (Southern Community)
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Where did we go wrong? Where did we get our wires crossed? Our society has this notion that life is an ever onward and upward process. That in every achievement we make and boundary we break, we move closer to a place of happiness, security and peace. At best we could describe life as cyclic but, in reality, the fact is nothing is forever. The shape of our coastline is ever changing, our weather patterns are ever changing, and life is ever changing. Even death means change. Bodies start to decompose, our spirit is released to other destinies and the lives of those who remain will never be the same again. This is the reality of the physical world in which we live – everything changes, whether we like it or not and nothing is forever.

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Comments / Feedback
Harold Hayward
There is in deed a splurge of interest in “spirituality” but not all of this is Christian or Holy Spirit inspired. It fashionable to attribute this splurge to a reaction to modernism but consistent with materialism, much of it is self centered and preoccupied with the same desire for “experience” as the pursuit of drugs, alcohol and sex. True Christian spirituality has to do with the internalization of the teachings of Jesus as revealed in the Bible and the expression of it in daily living. How one feels is not very relevant, and there can be no inconsistency between the Word of God and what we believe the Holy Spirit wants us to do. I would be very worried about the notion of a culturally defined Christian spirituality or the suggestion that a subjective “Kingdom thinking” overrides the Word of God.

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