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Youth Mission To Indigenous Aussies
By : Craig Brown
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As you may have read in a recent Australian Christian article, I am involved with the work of Global Mission Partners (formerly OMB) for just 2007. The name change from “Overseas Missions” to “Global Missions” is very strategic to me. It indicates that as far as our mandate is concerned “overseas” is just not big enough! “The Globe” also includes our own country, our own suburbs, our own work places. Mission IS the church. Someone once said “The Church of God does not have a mission, rather the mission of God has a Church”. We are all part of the Missio Dei – the Mission of God. My “missional thinking” wandered into the Weekend Australian newspaper recently. I spent a disturbing Saturday morning wading through the heavy reports of sexual, physical and substance abuse in some of our remote indigenous communities. My angst grew deeper when I began to see a danger of us reading media reports and erroneously begin to generalise with thoughts like “all Aboriginal people” or “all remote communities” have these issues.

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Comments / Feedback
Allan John Blyth
Nicely articulated Scott.
I love your line
"I want to honour and learn from these amazing people", Me too.
Let's keep praying and please keep writing.

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