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But What About Your Kids?!
By : Andrew Hamilton (Forge Director)
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In venturing out from the familiarity of the established church environment to start again and re-imagine church, one of the core issues for my wife and I to consider was how we would look after our children away from Sunday schools, kidís ministries and youth groups. Itís a question overseas missionaries have been facing for years, but for most in the western world it just seems normal practice for children to learn about faith through the various mechanisms in church. While these different Ďaidsí can be helpful and can assist parents with the discipleship of their children they can also be used as a substitute for godly parenting and thoughtful engagement with the faith development of our own kids. I am grateful that over the last few years I have been able to participate deeply in the lives of my children as they have grown to know Jesus. They are still only six and four years old, but it has been great to see their faith develop and a real love for God emerge.

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Comments / Feedback
Michael Bullard
top stuff andrew - truly making disciples who make disciples. I wonder who sam will be passing his new skills onto - the cat?
Allan John Blyth
Thanks Andrew. Very encouraging. What a joy to see my youngest son now 28 & marrying a Christian girl in Oct., with his Bible & readings (almost) every morning early before work or surfing. I trust likewise for your kids.
Have you (or anyone) experience of intergenerational worship or small groups, to share. I'd be very interested!
Richard Menteith
There is nothing more satisfying or blessed for my wife Pat and I to see our three ( now adult) children active in their faith. Each has a different but valuable ministry which demonstartes their response to the reality of Christ within their lives. We praise God for this more than anything else. Thanks Michael and Alan for your acknowledgement of this blessing in your lives as well.
Stephen Parker
I must be a bit slow, as I'm only getting t read this article now. However, I've got to say, it was brilliant. Thanks Andrew for sharing this small part your family's spiritual practices with us. Keep up the good work. (And isn't being a Dad great!)

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