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The Culture of Nice
By : Graham Johnston (Subiaco WA)
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The new pastor arrives, spending the first several months settling in. One of the biggest concerns a long-serving associate; no matter hard much instruction and coaching the new pastor gives, he can’t seem to bring the associate into an effective and productive place of ministry. Clearly, the associates’ present role is not a good ministry fit. Finally, in frustration, he goes back to his board, declaring, “I’m sorry, I can’t work with this guy. Can you tell me what you were thinking when you reinstated him for three more years just before my arrival?” Each board member proceeds to relate how the associate has historically been impossible to deal. After each person has had their say, without one positive comment, the question is asked, “Why did you call him for another three years?” “Well” came the response, “he has a family to feed and he's got to do something….” In short, this was just another case of the culture of nice. It’s a difficult decision and frankly, nobody wants to be the “not nice” person who has to show him the door.

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Comments / Feedback
Blake Moore
What an insightful article! I love when I see people writing about things which I have been contemplating myself. The Biblical images of Jesus always seem to get tarnished by our 'feel good' Jesus bed time stories. I agree with Graham, this is simply one of the many issues that needs to be tackled head on if we are to become the church God originally intended.

Blake Moore.
York St, Ballarat.
Nigel Bell
How often do we perpuate the "niceness" of Jesus from an early age with our children. We rightly tell them "Jesus loves them", and the stories of healing the sick, feeding the 5000, the woman at the well, the 10 lepers and Good Shepherd stories, but we are ignoring the other side of the coin that requires a commitment and challenge that placed on us. As Graham says "The church grew because it overcame 'nice'". It required commitment from its followers. It required honesty from its leaders, and those who heard appreciated honesty, dedication and commitement from the early church.

Nigel Bell
Pine Rivers, QLD

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