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Q & A with Alan Roxburgh
By : Craig Brown
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CB: At that same conference, you called on the Disciples to make a "vow of permanence". It's a really interesting call. What factors in our churches inhibit people from making that vow? AR: There are massive factors. It's hard to know where to begin. The question the Disciples are asking is not that different from the ones being asked here: how do we become - again - vital witnesses to the Kingdom? Instead of all of the woe, the "ain't it awful" stuff, both here and with the Disciples in the US, there's a deep sense of "how do we live out of our story and our tradition in a hopeful way"? Having said that, both of you have become captive in multiple ways to - like all of us have - a deeply consumerist, commodifying culture. And I would suggest that in a lot of ways the primary way, or the driving narratives, are those consuming cultures. So, if we're going to be God's people, we've got to address the deep narratives that are inside of us. So what I was suggesting was that the way we express the consumer narrative is that we go look for a church that fits our needs.

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