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National Media To Embark On National Consultation
By : Craig Brown
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National Media and Communications, the federal department of Churches of Christ that produces The Australian Christian and Vital Publications, is about to embark on a nationwide consultation process. The aim of this process is that we will be able to discover what our states, church leaders, federal departments and church members want from a media department, particularly in regards to a national internet presence. We are not alone in anticipating that over the coming years the internet and other forms of media are going to play an increasingly predominant role in ministry, networking and the national identity of Churches of Christ. What we want to do is to ask as many of as we can what you want that media presence to look like. After all, National Media and Communications is at its best when it serves our movement and represents the breadth and depth of what it means to be Churches of Christ.

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Comments / Feedback
Alan Matheson
Great initiative by the AC. The Department is to be commended for the undertaking to provide a report to those who participate and readers generally. Too often our departments undertake "reviews" and do not make them available and accessibility.
I wonder could you give some more info on the process. For example: who in fact will be conducting the consultations; I assume that as this will be an independent review, there will be no one from the department present. Secondly,how much has the National Council committed for this review. Again congratulations for the initiative I hope that it is strongly supported.
Craig Brown
Thanks for the support Alan.

The consultation - which it is more like rather than a review, but of course will have elements of a review about it - will be run by Managed Business Outcomes (MBO), a highly professional group who have a lot of Christians on staff and certainly work to integrate work and faith.

I will be present at the consultations - along with a senior consultant from MBO, but anyone who has read my reports in the State handbooks will know that I am fairly objective in these matters.

National Council have fully funded this consultation process.

We will, of course, make the results public. Our aim in all of this is to see how we can serve the churches in a media ministry.
Harold Hayward
Excellent. The failure of our conferences to actually discuss business, and the breakdown of lay networks, makes this review urgent. The role of the AC in its electronic form needs to be clarified – is it intended to be a vehicle for serious theological discussion or a “happy church families” publication? If the latter, perhaps we need an unofficial blog or discussion site to raise critical or controversial issues. In addition we still need a print publication to put into the hands of many older people who have been disenfranchised by the move to the electronic media. It is not clear why national and state agencies can produce expensive coloured promotional material and we can’t produce a free quarterly digest that could contain much of this material. I apologise for not being able attend one of the consultations – I’ll be playing “happy church families” elsewhere.
Ian and Marie Phillips
got to fill in the survey; great initiative, but must admit I missed the announcement of the consultations, and probably would have made the effort to go to Brisbane if it had of 'clicked'

I think that Harold's idea of an 'unofficial' blog / discussion is great; but maybe that can't be in the hands of AC's editors (as then it wouldn't be unofficial :-)

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