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The Curse of Knowledge
By : Graham Johnston (Subiaco WA)
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My first year in seminary was also the first year for a young lecturer who had just completed his PhD studies in Hebrew at Harvard. Now he set his sights to train eager young minds instructing beginner’s Hebrew, affectionately called “baby Hebrew”. Within weeks, half of the students in his class had dropped out to enrol with other lecturers or had given up on learning the Hebrew language all together. Within a month, the class of thirty had been reduce to six, all of whom were barely hanging in there due to the heavy study load and the lofty teaching style of the course. Mercifully for everyone involved, he was removed by a senior professor and relegated to working with doctoral students. Here’s a guy who knew the Hebrew language better than most would ever dream of; however, he couldn’t teach. So, what went wrong? Along the way, he forgot what it was like not knowing anything.

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Comments / Feedback
Geoffrey Keeler
The Curse of Knowledge (1/9/07) is certainly a problem. When the question is asked 'What is the Gospel', what goes through our minds? Is it 'Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved' or is that too high above the average listener for true understanding? As I read Matthew 4:23-25 this morning I wondered just what Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God. Then I recalled that He once said that the Kingdom of God is within us. This may be true of the young child asking God questions at three years whereas the parents had carefully avoided speaking of such things at her age! Was Jesus saying 'You have to become conscious of the God thing that is within you. Let it grow, develop until it governs your life.' When I 'surrendered to Christ' back in 1946 it was, to me more of a response to God's voice telling me He wanted me to respond to the preacher's challenge. I was reluctant to 'make a fool of myself' for a while until I suddenly found myself actually walking down the aisle without having decided that I would do it! You see, the ' God thing' had been disturbing me for some years and on that occasion, He had me Just where He wanted me!
Perhaps we have made it too hard by concentrating on the 'outside influence' of the life and what we believe are the teachings of Jesus and not telling people that we are created with the Spirit which is God already within us and we should surrender to It for the real way to live.

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