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God Spoke Through YouTube
By : Scott Vawser (GMP & Youth Vision)
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As I often do, I was surfing ‘YouTube’ the other day and saw the video clip of U2’s “Miss Sarajevo”. A powerful, almost haunting song inspired by a documentary of the same name that Bono helped produce about a beauty pageant held in war torn Yugoslavia with guns booming all around, a sort of protest song. Bono introduces the song by saying; I'd like to dedicate this song to those who lost their lives In London, in the UK bombings last week... and Iraq We want to turn our song into a prayer And our prayer, is that we, they, we Do not become a monster in order to defeat a monster That's our prayer The song moves stunningly through some powerful lyrics that include lines like;

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Comments / Feedback
Gareth Williams
Good challenge Scott.
Scott Vawser
Taa Gaz :)
Keith Skillicorn
Yes, it is wonderful how we can see Jesus, even in such media as "YouTube".

And what about a similar - "GodTube".?

Click on the following URL and Jesus will touch your heart in a very special way.

There are many more of these clips at
Keith Skillicorn
With reference to my previous, above comment on this subject, some of our readers have been unable to "click-on" the Godtube video clip. No problems.

Jusy copy/paste the following URL into your browser and then click on. It is as simple as that and, as the video reveals, the Gospel is so simple that even a child can understand - Love.

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