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Internet Issues
By : Stephen Cathcart (North Turramurra)
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It was encouraging to see that the Australian Christian is evaluating and developing a strategy for internet usage. Whilst I enjoy the advantages of the internet there are a number of complex issues that I believe must be considered if - as a movement - we are to deal with the awkward arena of cyberspace. These issues would include: The reinforcement of a two-tier society: there are those in Australia who have access to the Internet and those who do not. For instance my children, through their local primary school, are required to use the internet for homework. During a recent mission to another region in Sydney it was clear that the children in that area had no access to the internet or had no interest in it. What impact does this have on their opportunities for work, online study and searching for Christian e-mags?

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Comments / Feedback
Ian and Marie Phillips
Yes - turning pages isn't like it used to be; AND our eyes know the difference between the 72dpi of screen resolution, and the exponentially greater resolution of the printed page.

Craig - how about a pdf version of the AC generated when there's at least 1 week's worth of comments on articles. That way an 'AC Agent' could distribute a printed version in churches to those without technology.

Thanks for your great work.
Geoffrey Keeler
Well Said Stephen Cathcart (Internet Issues 11-9-07) The most important aspect for those without computers, never mind the complexities of the internet, get no chance to keep up with what the A/C is publishing. I endorse a previous comment that a certain amount of hard copies should be printed monthly or bi-monthly for those otherwise 'disenfranchised' from our publication.
Ian David Jones
Very pertinent article Steve. I must admit reading The Australian Christian "ain't like it used to be". It was easy to sit down and read an article or 2 over breakfast or a cup of coffee. That's a little more difficult sitting at a laptop and trying to "turn the pages". And yes, the non computer savvy have been disenfranchised as far as readership of our journal goes.
Craig Boettcher
ahh Ian, it's an easy fix just just simply do what i do and print out the great online articles for the older generation and make it into a booklet. I have found that the people who don't have a PC love it. An easy fix, to a simple problem. And there's not much work involved and it shows people that you care about them. So why should people miss out when people like us have access to the net....and the answer is...none.
Doug Walladge
With the editor's permission I prepare a LARGE PRINT version of the Australian Christian articles to make them accessible to interested residents in our aged care facilities.
It is time consuming because I can't just copy and paste but need to change the font sizes as well. However the eager readers makes it worthwhile.
Ian and Marie's idea of a pdf version would save me a lot of time. I could use the wonders of technology to print out a large print version from an ordinary sized one.
Doug - Chaplain, Life Care

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