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Editorial: The Double Edged Sword Of Communicating
By : Craig Brown
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Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a decline in the quantity of articles appearing on the Australian Christian. The reason for that is that we - as a department - are well and truly into our national consultation process, which means a great deal of communication with churches, preparation, planning, travel and reviewing has been going on. With a small staff at National Media, that has left little time for news gathering. I wish it were otherwise, but that's the hard reality of a small department with very limited financial (and otherwise) resources. So, feel free to take advantage and send in the stories of what your churches are doing. What has been happening is that I have been getting a glimpse of the breadth and diversity of our movement. In experiencing that, the need for communication between departments, between States and between churches becomes paramount.

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Comments / Feedback
Alan Matheson
Thanks for the explanation and the reflection on "toeing the party line". Nothing new, editors have been doing it as long as I have been reading the AC. What is different is that we as a movement are more fragmented, have instituted a peculiar managerial style, and have far more alternatives for information and reflection.

It's interesting that in 2 states there have been significant and emotional debates in recent months, but nothing reaches the AC, or at least has been published.

If I look for some particular CofC insights into the recent visit of Spong,or the Commondreams conference, the recent meeting of the NCCA (or what our representatives have been deciding in our name),the marginalisation of women in the power structures of our churches, the role of the religious right in our churches,the challenges of aging, congregational responses to gay and lesbian Christians,or why we don't have a national indigenous strategy, then I'm going to be disappointed if I look to the AC.

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