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Is Your Church Ready For Leather?
By : David Woodward (Maryborough CofC)
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I had a choice to make. I had been invited to sign up with two motorcycle related groups and didnít have the time to join up with both. The first invitation came from an association for Christian motorcyclists. They have a strong statement of faith that you have to sign before joining (to keep non-Christians out I suppose). They ride only on Saturdays (so you can be in church on Sunday). They donít swear. They pray before each ride, and they keep to the speed limit. The second invitation came from members of the Ulysses Club, a social club for motorcyclists over forty. They ride on Sundays. They accept anybody (Christians, non-Christians, ex-Christians, anti-Christians, pagans - anybody really) as long as they have a bike license. Prayer, language limitations and the speed limit are all optional extras.

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Comments / Feedback
Peter Cole
Thanks for an excellent article David. I pray that you will continue to be a powerful witness of Christ's love and grace, and that others will come to know Christ as their Saviour and Lord through your willingness to share your faith in word and action.
Ian Forest-Jones
That is truly an excellent article, David, and what a wonderful openness to mission you have discovered/are living. I too ride a motorcycle and I too consider it a ministry, except that I went for a third option.

The Christian motorcycle club that you described sounds more like a social club for Christian motorcycle riders, which is a ministry that has its place. Your option is wonderfully incarnational --more power to ya brother! The third option that I have taken is to join the Brotherhood Christian motorcycle club, which is by no means a Christian social club, but is an outreach to the motorcycling community, particularly to those that belong to outlaw clubs. Brotherhood has been riding for 30 years this year!

Why not join us for our street and custom bike show on the first weekend of February at Silverwater in Sydney? There you will see bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes. Ulysses is often there with a club display. But above all, fellowship with Christ is shared, as is the good news regarding him.

Safe riding!

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