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What Lies Beneath
By : Graham Johnston (Subiaco WA)
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What is it that drives the average church? Charles Colson tells the story of a youth group from a Christian Church in the US that was given the charge to go out to “do good in the name of Jesus”. They broke into several teams and began to plan their day. One group found its way to a nursing home while another went to the neighbouring Baptist church to follow up on their elderly members that are strictly house bound. As this team had just completed cleaning the backyard of one elderly Baptist woman, the team leader reported that she had quietly stated what a blessing the youth of THE BAPTIST CHURCH are to her. The youth pastor came back with the retort, “Did you correct her and tell her that you were the youth from the Christian Church?” To which, the naďve youth replied, “I didn’t think it matter.” Colson’s summary is: “It shouldn’t matter.” However, in reality, it does. It matters immensely.

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Geoffrey Keeler
What Lies beneath.
Hear! Hear! See my comments on orthodoxy.
Geoff Keeler.

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