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The Orthodox Experience
By : Linda Young (Southern Community)
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In 1925 my father was born in Montreal, Canada. His family members were all parishioners of this church and consequently, my father was baptized, as an infant, into this congregation. Due to the illness of my father, the family moved to Australia a warmer climate. As part of my visit to Montreal my cousins arranged for us to attend a service at this church - St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Montreal, Canada. The church was relocated to this location in the 1930s, so it was not the exact location where my father was baptized. The church is ornate in its appearance. It has an inner sanctuary where communion was prepared and from whence the various participants of the services traveled in and out from. The wall of the inner sanctuary had pictures of St George, St Anthony and various other patriarchs as well as Jesus and Mary. At times panels would open from the inner sanctum and helpers dressed in specific garb would perform their duty and reenter the inner sanctuary. It flowed like a well formed piece of music with instruments coming from the background into the foreground and then residing back to a place where they were no longer the focus.

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