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Peace In Simplicity
By : Jenny Moore (Qld)
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At the moment, my life is anything but simple. I have two major assignments due this week, a Sunday School Christmas production to organize, and a year seven graduation to prepare for (and boy, have things changed since I was in year seven!). Then there’s the dogs that need to be clipped and have injections, the mouse that needs to go to the vet (and possibly not return, and that’s going to be another drama in itself), and the slice to be made for the Bible study group (not really – just a trip to Coles). Oh yes, and then there’s the housework to be done (what’s that?) and I guess my family probably should be fed somewhere along the line, and then there’s this Reflections column I have to write…

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Comments / Feedback
Ray and Mary Hawkins
As always, did enjoy - if being challenged is to "enjoy" - your article, Jenny. It certainly lines up very well with the article about Christians becoming too busy.

In the later years of our full-time ministry, we decided that if God wanted a ministry in a church performed HE had to raise up the folk to lead and present it. Only wish I'd come to that conviction years before. If someone else was not available, or even disobedient to God, that ministry didn't go ahead. Sometimes it does take God awhile to convict the right person HE wants involved!

It can become far too easy not to say "no" to a ministry we can see is really needed despite other priorities God has given us. God is not the author of crazy life-styles when the "simple" things that are so valuable are squeezed out. We just may discover those simple things are often the most important we can be invovled in - at least in that point of time.

We do need the constant reminder that God is interested in people first, not programmes - no matter how important that programme may appear to be.

Thank you so much for this timely reminder - one I know I need at this busiest time of the year!

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