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How Do Christians Vote?
By : Richard Lawton
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Christianity and politics DO mix, at least here in USA. Twelve months from the 2008 presidential election, no-one knows who the candidates will be, but there is great interest in the religious allegiances and views of potential candidates. Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton is a former Methodist Sunday school teacher, but some see her as non-religious. Barack Obama and John Edwards declare themselves committed Christians. Republican front-runner Rudolf Giuliani declares himself Christian, but is seen as non-practising, especially in the light of his previous stance for abortion and his three marriages, both no-nos for the traditional Republican-voting Christian right. Governor Mitt Romney is strong on family values, but is a Mormon, again a no-no for the Christian right. Actor Fred Thompson is not seen as religious. Prominent evangelical leaders back different candidates.

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Comments / Feedback
Ian and Marie Phillips
Thanks Richard - I thought you were going to say 'why vote at all? ' in your third last paragraph :-)

Currently I'm struggling with why the Greens (who I'm told are invariably 'unchristian'); seem to have a good handle on 'justice and mercy'; whereas the CDP doesn't seem to have a clue? (ie 10 year moratorium on Islamic Immigration). CDP's latest advertisement in our local free paper here just seemed plain bigoted and racist.

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