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National Youth Ministry Convention A Huge Success
By : Stephen Parker
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The National Youth Ministry Convention was held recently, so we thought we’d have a chat with Stephen Parker, the NYMC and Youth Vision Queensland Director to see how it all went. So, how did the NYMC itself go? To be honest, I was incredibly happy with how it all came together. It really seemed to hit a mark that people were after. So many people came up to me and said the speakers were saying just what they needed to hear and the event was helping them greatly. How did it compare to your expectations? That’s a strange thing actually. It went almost exactly as I had hoped when we began planning it 18 months earlier, minus a few things here and there. I thought the musical worship was spot on. Andrew and the Gateway team were excellent. Quality-wise they were brilliant, but they also had a comfortable feel about them and gave people permission to worship God in other ways if what they were doing wasn’t helpful for individuals. Personally I found it very easy to praise God there, even with the thousand things running through my mind.

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Comments / Feedback
Scott Vawser
I'm with Steve - The 30 WA folk who made the costly journey loved every minute, it was great!
John Somerville
Are there copies of the study material available?

Some seniors may like to compare with previous materials.

I remember my daughters thinking Duffy was great and I have a Video of his preaching!!!

All the best.

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