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Lines In The Sand
By : Richard Lawton
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Following instructions from the woman’s husband, Robin eventually found her body lying in the desert, one of 400 Mexicans who die in the desert each year while crossing illegally from Mexico into the USA. Robin Hoover, minister of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – one of our US equivalents – with the strong support of his church founded Humane Borders, whose principal mission is to scatter water stations in the Arizona-Sonora desert to try to save lives. Who knows how many would now be dead if it were not for those hundred-plus water stations? It’s controversial work.

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Comments / Feedback
Gareth Williams
As someone who works with refugees I see the human element represented in people seeking asylum in Australia.
Australia has a natural deterent against such acts, yet it has been bolstered by harsh policys.
In line with water tanks, maybe a flotilla of boats searching for those arriving on "boats"?
It's only in the past year I've learnt of the numbers of deaths of men, women and children attempting to gain a better life.

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