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Facebook Jesus
By : Craig Brown
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I looked for Jesus on Facebook the other day, and was a little disappointed. I found a vibrating Jesus but frankly couldn't see the point of it. Why do I need Jesus shaking on my profile? It got me thinking though, as a whole bunch of my friends and I have taken the plunge on to there a Gospel slant to this form of media? Is it novelty? Is it procrastination (because, believe me, if you don't set limits on this thing it will consume you! Just think of death by a thousand invites.)? Is it because you find out things about yourself (although as if I'd be in Huffleppuff house...). Or is it because it is actually a way of communicating with others?

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Comments / Feedback
Edwina Blair
Thanks Craig for admitting your Facebook addiction....I too share the same fate....but......have found great missional / ministry uses. As the new Women's Ministry Leader in NSW I have set up a network for women which I hope will be more effective at reaching the younger women in our churches. Personally, I find it a cyber-space version of those significant life events (21st's, engagement parties and baby dedications) where all those neatly segregated parts of our social life are flung together. Suddenly your uni friends are "talking" to your church friends! On Facebook your "friends" see your whole life and it is fantastic. I have had far more conversations about my ministry life with my non-christian friends than ever before because now they have seen the photos, read comments from others and generally know more about what I actually do with my life. Bring it on!

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