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Consider The Lilies
By : Richard Lawton
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She was testing my eyes. I’d call her an opthalmologist’s assistant, except that my daughter-in-law said, Why don’t you say eye specialist? Trying to make me feel at home and relaxed, she chatted about Christmas. She wished it was over. Too commercial. She was not happy that at the top of the wish list her nine-year-old son had given her was a game that cost $500-$600. Cheaper things were on the list, but this was what he really wanted. It was the "in" game; everyone wanted it. From her tone, I assumed her son was at no risk of missing out on the game. Children can be persuasive, although it’s over twenty years since I did battle with my youngest, when as a teenager his school uniform trousers had to be Levis.

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Comments / Feedback
Chris Ambrose
Surely one of the most important things parents need to teach their children is how to cope when they don't get what they want. It is a social skill often lacking in their experience, and parents are not helping their development if they facilitate the granting of every wish.
Eventually a person will encounter a situation where they are denied and will not be able to cope because they have had no previous experience of rejection. Such rejection could be a failed romance, or loss at sports. Learning to adjust and adapt to life's less successful ventures with grace is surely part of growing up.
Mary Ambrose

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