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When Children Become Collateral Damage
By : Ron Buckland (Montrose - Vic)
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In mid-December, the Melbourne Age included the report of recent research which showed that “children aged under ten can be emotionally harmed by shared-parenting arrangements in many families”. Well, duh!! The report went on, “where parents cannot cooperate and remain hostile to each other, shared-parenting arrangements can result in a higher-than-normal rate of clinical anxiety in the children, the research found.” Duh again!! In my work as a chaplain in two local primary schools, the majority of my one-on-one contacts with children come about because of conflicts and fall-out from separated or divorced parents hostile to each other. In some cases the child is anxious because everything is uncertain. In other cases, each parent (or one parent) denigrates the former partner all the time, and/or tries to use the child as an “attack weapon” in their ongoing antagonism.

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Ian David Jones
Ron's articles have consistently provided sage and challenging advice. In the old paper version of "The Christian" they would've been carefully torn out and filed away for future reference. Much easier to access them now and no need to keep the silverfish at bay. I look forward to any "guest geurnsey" articles.

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