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Finding Healthy Boundaries
By : Janet Woodlock
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Finding healthy boundaries is an issue with a lot of resonance for me. The reason this issue sets off bells ringing is because I experienced severe burnout last year. A caring friendship evolved into something that was so overwhelming and demanding and painful that something in me finally snapped. I've now been left with the effects of post traumatic stress and anxiety. This still feels like something that is foreign to me, as I have a naturally placid temperament. (I was one of those smiling "easy" babies). I had no idea what was happening to me when my first panic attack hit... all I knew was I was shaking all over and couldn't stand up.

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Jean Flint
A very good article. There is a fine line between caring and creating dependency. The task of making others responsible for their actions is often very hard to implement. I find that a good rule for me is that if I take a large step the other person needs to take a small step . Standing back and allowing time for them to take that step is important.

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