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What Does 2008 Bring?
By : Richard Lawton
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A new year has arrived, but unfortunately it has brought with it much of the old turmoil. Iraq continues to be a powder keg. Some indicators suggest fewer bombs are being detonated and fewer people killed. A few countries such as Australia are tentatively committed to pulling out their combat troops. Sunni leaders, formerly sympathetic to Osama bin Laden, seem to be standing up to him. Yet peace and stability still have a distance to come. Our new government has reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to Afghanistan, where some suggest the Taliban experiences a resurgence. Here in Australia people still scrap on whether David Hicks should be feared or just left in peace.

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Comments / Feedback
Geoffrey Keeler
Being well into the last qurter of my life, I appreciate Richard Lawton's remarks about the future of 2008. I sometimes wonder if our problem as 'Christians' is that we have become too insular in our Christianity. In declaring that Jesus Christ is the only way to fellowship with God, we are, after all, proclaiming His message. Did He mean that we were to create an exclusive group which others must 'join' before they can be accepted by the Father? Or was He pointing out a way of life for us to live in whatever social environment we are? Yes, the past has brought war and brutality in 'the name of Christ' but maybe we have misinterpreted what he meant by building His Church in our way rather than letting Him build it.
In setting up the 'Church' as we know it, we have, like the pharisees, set barriers through which most people cannot move.
Jesus said that all should come and share His way.
Then, maybe, the vision of what he meant would really spread like it did in New Testament times.

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