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The Otherness Of God
By : Mark Riessen (Blackwood Church of Christ)
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I became deeply intrigued with the TV program Lost, especially with the introduction of ‘the others’. The directors of Lost really do capture the true essence of human nature when the survivors who crash-landed on a mysterious island discover ‘the others', who existed on the island before them. The discovery of the others by the characters we as viewers have come to like and identify with is met with a classic reaction of fear and suspicion of what they do not understand. What’s more is they cannot see, manipulate or control the others, which frustrates our beloved survivors. It’s not until the series unfolds that we discover that the others have a story, too. So herein lies the question: can we cast aside our fears and suspicions long enough to actually hear and - maybe - understand the story of the other?

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Comments / Feedback
Bob Garbett
Hi Mark

Great article! on the subject of atheism; i think as Christians we have to accept some responseability for whats been described as " new athiesm" its my view that these are esssentially god haters ( is it possible to hate what doesn't exist!). I think people have rejected our version of God, and the only place to go from there (at least for some!) is no god.Our theology, which very often is the epitome of anti-itellectual, leaves no room for honest open dialogue.We set up fort and defend it with all the old tools of modernity eg: black-and-white absolutes, the obsession with all things concrete, and a theology of certainties that leaves no room for open honest dialogue.Not having all the answers is such a liberating place to be, we should all visit this place sometime.

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