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When A Star Fades - Part Two
By : Craig Brown
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When a star fades, how should the church reflect? When a church is officially classified as a "hate group", you've got to think that, at some point, they've moved away from the essentials of the Gospel. If we, the church, represent Jesus' body, then it is imperative that we focus on the characteristics of Jesus that were displayed so clearly in the New Testament. I would hazard a wild guess that if you asked Christians to name, say, three of those characteristics, most would mention "love". Would that be the same if we asked those who don't have any contact with a faith community, and only have public perception and media portrayal to go by?

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Comments / Feedback
Bob Garbett
The united states has come to represent all the worst elements of extreme fundamentalism.I'm ashamed to share the same name " Christian" but thankfully thats where the comparisons finish.Where else can a dualistic theology go, one that teaches a God of Love and one that preaches a 'turn or burn' mindset. Far too many Christians have a 'schizo' view of God, on one hand we love the story of the prodigal, a story that suggests a love that is completely reckless and incomprehensible on the other we embrace such toxic teaching as the "left behind series" this is dualism of the worst sort, this teaching creates and embraces a 'us and them' mindset no wonder we have loonies like the Westboro Baptist Church

Ps: Westboro will continue to 'pour over the bible' but it will always be with the same preconditioned mindset, and with the same outcome.
Craig Boettcher
hmmm Bob although i don't agree with Westbro Baptist Church and their actions or view on this. But not all American Christians would agree with them either. I would suggest to you a good reading and praying through these scriptures of Luke 6:47, Matt. 19:19, Matt. 7:3 and Like 6:42 just for starters.
Bob Garbett
Hi Craig
I read the scriptures! I was burned by an 'extreme' fundamentalist Church as a teenager, and sometimes i am guilty of being 'reactionary' and judgemental, thank you for pointing this out. My comments were rather scathing, and ungracious, thank you for your email.
Craig Boettcher
Hi Bob my heart hurts for people who have been burned and mistreated, bulluied etc. I always like to stand up for them and with them too. Also I'm glad the scriptures helped. As I always say to people we have to come back to what the bible has to say in all situations. May you be blessed today!!

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