Stung To A Response

By : Richard Lawton

Apparently Iíve written a few articles that have not pleased Harold Hayward. He writes as a criticism of The Australian Christian that: Ö undue weight has been given to comment on political and social matters from a liberal humanist perspective. While there is no objection to the publication of such material, a Christian journal should give equal weight to thoughtful alternative views on matters of controversy Ė leaving it up to the readers to make their own judgments. As the principal current affairs columnist for The Australian Christian over the past few years, I assume that the criticism refers mainly to my writing. Iíve not responded to criticisms of particular articles, as Iíve wanted to leave scope for people to make known their alternative views. As Haroldís is directed at The Australian Christian, it seems appropriate to make a response. I have to confess Iím not sure what a liberal humanist perspective is. When I check my dictionary I see humanism defined as a school or system of thought or action in which human interests predominate. Well?

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