Delirious? Challenged By The Poor

By : Kerryn Bricknell

A sense of discomfort stirred the hearts of UK based Christian band, Delirious? following their tours of some of the poorest countries on earth. It inspired the band to respond in the best way they knew how – writing from the heart and producing one of their strongest albums, Kingdom Of Comfort. The band has just released the highly acclaimed Kingdom Of Comfort album while on their April 2008 Australian tour with concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Kingdom Of Comfort evokes questions about social justice issues from five star western world living and dreams to the slums and poverty of third world countries and life’s injustices of cancer. Delirious? frontman Martin Smith said that he doesn’t think that the band has ever made a record so focused on its theme and lyrical content. “I specifically remember playing in India and coming back with all the tension about how we were going to respond to these things we had seen and experienced.”

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