The Danger Of Raising Nice Kids

By : Ron Buckland (Montrose - Vic)

As we come towards the end of “Family Matters” in this format, I have been pondering what someone like me, who has a passion for the importance of ministry with children, might want to leave with those who might care to read the material. I have decided that the context of ministry with children is the final focus on my mind: both for parenting and for programming. This month we will look at a potentially useful publication directed to parents: next month we will consider a penetrating analysis of Australian popular culture and our children. The potential challenge (and usefulness) of The Danger Of Raising Nice Kids (Timothy Smith, IVP Books, 2006) begins with the title. I was intrigued and provoked; then not disappointed. Granted that the book has the American parenting scene in its sights, it is not far off target for us.

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