Gifts in Blue and White Collars

By : Dr Brian Edgar (Evangelical Alliance)

The children’s talk was about spiritual gifts and the person taking it explained that God has given everyone a different gift. But, unfortunately, it was rather confused! Some people, he said, were given the gift of being an apostle, a prophet, a pastor or an evangelist. Others were given the gift of being a teacher, a carpenter, an accountant or a secretary. The point was that we should not expect to have somebody else’s gift, and each person should appreciate and use the gift that God has given them. But while some of the points were useful, the understanding of gifts and vocation was muddled. But the presenter of the talk is probably not alone in this! If I say that the inclusion of occupations like carpentry, accounting and factory work in a list of spiritual gifts is completely wrong this is not meant to downplay their spiritual importance in any way at all.

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