Why Be The Richest Person In The Cemetery?

By : Pam Clapshaw

This is the question posed on the SKI Club of Australia’s website. SKI stands for ‘Spending your Kids’ Inheritance’. Marketing companies such as this seek to promote goods and services designed as the ‘SKI’ travel site advocates for those who have 'outgrown Contiki but are way too young for seniors travel’. With the end of World War II in 1945, Australia’s servicemen and women returned home and family life resumed after an interruption of almost six years. This was the start of a population explosion as birth rates soared. More than four million Australian babies were born between 1946 and 1961. This, coupled with the post war European migration, led to a significant change in the face of Australia. The ‘baby boomers’ born during that period are now starting to move into their 60s. Many will retire, but not many will want to be called ‘seniors’.

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