CDP Says: "No More Muslims"

By : Craig Brown

We are a nation with an ever-changing face. Our voice is increasingly one of different inflections and accents, a mix of languages, ideas and customs. Our expression of faith is diverse: churches, mosques, temples, sporting arenas - you name it, we worship in it or at it. This is Australia in the twenty first century. This, if you like, is what it is like to live in a modern democracy. Our politics, too, are shifting, particularly post 9/11. Our government speaks of "integration" over "multiculturalism". Minority political parties increasingly position themselves according to what they are against, rather than what they are for. The major parties court conservative blocks, keenly aware that churches, for example, can sometimes vote en masse, making their concerns highly sought after and pandered to. However, with public comment and public policy comes public accountability and responsibility.

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