Welcome to The (new) Australian Christian

By : Don Smith

Dear Readers, Welcome to our new on line version of The Australian Christian. This is an historic moment in our history since 1898 when the paper was first published. We have appreciated the many understanding comments from readers about the decision. Older readers in particular have been disappointed especially when they have no access to a computer. Local churches may be able to print out selected material and distribute among those interested. We would value comment in local church news papers which direct members to the new presentation. Your promotion will be greatly appreciated. The address is Open access to our web site has been extended due to a delay in receiving the necessary code from the programmers. As soon as the secure payment module is set up and all payments received entered, we will then move the site to allow full access only to those who have subscribed. In the near future those who have subscribed will receive notification by e-mail, which will include your user name and password. To ensure security for on-line transactions, we are contracting an established professional company “Register Now” who also provide services to other businesses, including Christian organisations such as LightFM in Melbourne, Vic. You will see their name appear on your credit card statements when transactions are processed by them for us.

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